New Busch Beer Christmas Stocking Is Five Feet Long and Insulated

November 26, 2019
Beer Stocking

Getty Images / Vyacheslav Rakitskiy

If you want to give someone as much beer as possible for cheap this Christmas, here's your magical solution.

Busch Beer just created a new flannel Christmas stocking that's five feet long and insulated on the inside.  They say you can fit 12 cans of beer inside the insulated part . . . and keep them cool for four hours.

If you're interested, you can order one for $20 at Busch's online store

Joy to the world, the Busch has come. Get stocked for the holidays with the Busch Cooler Stocking. It’s 5 feet long and keeps 12 cans of Busch ice cold. You’re welcome.-- LINK IN BIO TO PURCHASE!

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