New Strawberry Dole Whip At Disney World! 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Themed

Bring me one please

July 11, 2019

Getty Images / Louise Fisher


I need one of these immediately.

Disney World has added another amazing treat - a Pirates of the Caribbean themed strawberry dole whip float! 

It's called Redd's Revenge and you can find it at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom (you'll probably find me there too this weekend).

According to Disney Food Blog, Redd's Revenge pairs strawberry flavored dole whip with strawberry Fanta "for an icy, sweet treat" that comes with a "pirate approved" tri-corner hat in red chocolate.   


She’s HERE! -- Redd’s Revenge --‍☠️ is a brand --new-- Strawberry -- #DoleWhip float option in #MagicKingdom! Strawberry Dole Whip is paired with strawberry Fanta for an icy, sweet treat. And check out that pirate-approved ☠️ tri-corner hat in red chocolate -- accessory!! This joins the FOMOsa on Sunshine Tree Terrace’s menu. What do YOU think? Up for some strawberry Dole Whip??

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