"I'm A Professional Drinker" - Two People In Different States Use Same DUI Excuse

It obviously doesn't work...

January 6, 2020

Getty Images / ajr_images

Apparently this is the hot new excuse to try to get out of a DUI.  Spoiler alert:  It's not going to work.

Two people randomly both tried the same excuse when they were busted for driving drunk on New Year's.  And that excuse is (drumroll please): telling the cops that you weren't impaired because you're a "professional drinker."

A 54-year-old guy named George Emmanuel from Gulfport, Florida tried the excuse that he was a "professional drinker" when he blew a .218 on the breathalyzer, according to KETV.

And a woman in Omaha, Nebraska also told the cop she was a "professional drinker" when she blew a .256.

The excuse didn't work for either one of them, and they were both arrested.  And also, maybe, soulmates.