Well, I'm Dumb...And Apparently My Tiny Car Doesn't Do Shortcuts Well

You gotta admit - the 45 degree angle is pretty impressive.

July 8, 2019



I take driving very seriously, especially since I'm in the car 3 hours a day on my commute from St. Augustine to the radio station.

But every once and a while I do something dumb.

Like really dumb.

This past Saturday I accidentally turned into a parking lot just passed the plaza I was heading to.  So of course, my logical response was to find a shortcut through the grassy area between the plazas.  I spotted a small hill and figured my Yaris could make it, no big deal.



Two hours and an amused tow truck driver and I was finally back on my way. 

Now it's time to call my mom and say thanks - every year I tell her to cancel my AAA subscription and every year she tells me "no," probably because she knows me best.