Ready For A New Trend To Lose Weight? Banana PEELS


December 2, 2019

Getty Images / Ben-Schonewille


Normally "diet" is a bad word between Thanksgiving and Christmas - there's just no reason to use it.  

Until now.  Because this is so crazy that I can't wait until New Year's to share this ridiculous resolution with you.

A dietician in Australia says that if you want to lose weight, you should eat BANANA PEELS, according to the New York Post.

She says that all of the fiber and vitamins in the peel have a ton of health benefits beyond just the weight loss too . . . and if you eat them, you'll also improve your sleep and have better skin.

Obviously she knows that it's a big ask to get people to eat the peels, so she recommends cooking the peels to make them soft, then blending them into a smoothie.   Still gross. 

But let's be honest - I might try it.