On This Day In Florida Man History: August 23 'Fish CPR'

August 23, 2019

Getty Images / Andrei310

In 2017, a Florida Man was caught fishing snook during the closed season.  An officer spotted Fernando Pantoja, 37, using a cast net in the Indian River and approached him to inspect his cooler.  The Florida man knew he was in trouble for the snook and other undersize fish he had in his cooler. 

So he tossed them into the water hoping for the best.  

The fish all sank to the bottom except for a large snook that was floating at the top.

So this genius thought that if he saved the snook he wouldn't be arrested.

He actually bumped the fish until it woke up and then swam away.

However the Florida Man wasn't so lucky and was still arrested for illegal fishing as well as some other charges, according to FishingNortheast