Florida Woman Throws Hot Pizza At Florida Man

Not the pizza!

June 25, 2020

Getty Images / adogslifephoto

Neither of these people are really the victim of this story.  The only real victim is the pizza they wasted...

37-year-old Florida Man Robert Ybarra decided to make a pizza at three in the morning on Tuesday while his girlfriend was sleeping on their couch at their home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Florida woman's name is Becky Bartlett, and she's 32.  It's not clear what set her off, but they'd been arguing all night.  And when she woke up and found out he was making pizza without her, she flipped out.

She walked to the oven, pulled the pizza out, threw it at Robert and burned his hand.

Police showed up and saw the burn, along with some pizza sauce on his pant leg.  And they arrested Becky for domestic battery.

Then they ran Robert's name, and found out he was wanted in Colorado for selling drugs.  So they arrested him too.

Becky's already out of jail.  But they're holding Robert without bond, and he's probably looking at serious jail time.