18% Of People Will Pretend Not To Be Home If Trick-Or-Treaters Come By

That's kind of f***ed up

October 31, 2019

Getty Images / Choreograph

If a bunch of adorable children in costumes knock on your door tonight, are you going to quickly turn off all the lights and sit in silence until they go away?

According to a new survey by today.you.gov, 18% of people say their plan if they get trick-or-treaters tonight is . . . pretend not to be home.

Wow - that's cold.

65% will give out candy . . . and 6% of people will give kids something besides candy (which is also messed up. Nobody wants your dumb apples).

And finally, 3% of people are just beggin' for an eggin' . . . and say they'll answer the door but give the kids NOTHING. 

They deserve to be egged but a bag of flaming dog poo is waaayyyy funnier.