Hot Mess Mel: V8 Explosion

Something is seriously wrong with me.

February 12, 2019

Today started off so easy; I should've known better.  

I got to work around 7am and dove right into my show prep like normal. I must've really been in the zone because I grabbed my can of V8 to shake it up.  I like to pretend I'm bartending and do it up high over my shoulder which is pretty stupid when the can is open.


So my morning started with a dash to the restroom to basically shower in the sink because nobody wants to smell like a can of tomatoes.  Luckily I snagged the quick picture above (notice the lovely splatter on my glasses - they were on my face) before cleaning up.

This type of thing is normal for me.  I've been over the top clumsy since I was born.  The first time I was able to walk up a step, I fell down it.  Curbs and me are not friends.  I avoid hills (or any area where I can gain momentum as I tumble) as much as possible.  Broken arms, legs, collarbone, tailbone, an eye patch, and LOTS of stiches - just routine stuff in the world of Mel.   It's not just falling down either.  There seems to be a general clumsiness that extends to other parts of my life, but we'll get into that later. 

After a dslfjksflk number of years, I've learned to accept my fate as "Hot Mess Mel."  But if someone invents a bubble suit, seriously let me know.

Cheers to my first FM blog ever!