Mel's Music Rundown - Here's What Happened Today

One word: RIOT!

March 14, 2019

Here's the latest in the music world:


-Hayley Williams (Paramore) has gone back to her roots, kind of. The singer is back to the color we know her for - Riot, which is a bright orange that kicked off her hair dye line: Good Dye Young.

-Gorillaz and Levi's have teamed up for a customizable clothing (and accessories) line that features all of the band's characters.

-Fatboy Slim...way more than the Rockerfeller Skank!  He already owns a successful cafe in London and is now opening "Boxpark" - a restaurant, retail, and park space made entirely of SHIPPING CONTAINERS.

-IDKHow (Dallon previously of Panic! At The Disco & Ryan previously of Falling in Reverse) played an FM acoustic session for us here at the FM 101.9 studios.

-The Offspring album is done, but no release date yet.