Mel's Rundown - Cheaper Guitars And Why Tom Morello Threw A Fan's Phone

It was totally their fault

June 17, 2019

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-Liam Gallagher announced that his new album, 'Why Me? Why Not,' is coming out on September 20th, according to RTTnews.  This news comes just as we got word that the other half of OasisNoel Gallagher, has released his new EP, 'Black Star Dancing,' with his band High Flying Birds, says Consequence of Sound.  Seems to me that both are trying to be the better brother.

-Tom Morello brought a bunch of fans onstage to wrap up the last night of his tour but warned them not to put their cell phones "in his face," reports AltPress.  So, of course, one of them did it anyway and learned that Morello is savage in the best way possible.  

-Lorde teased that her new album is one the way with 'Third One In The Oven' on Instagram, Billboard reports.

-According to an interview with Loudwire, The Black Keys say that there new album 'Let's Rock' is named after a man that was executed on death row in Tennessee the same day that the band was recording the album.  That's why the album artwork is an electric chair and, in my opinion, kinda creepy.

-Muse frontman Matt Bellamy recently became majority stakeholder in his favorite guitar company - Manson Guitar Works - and has vowed to make more affordable versions of the iconic guitars, according to Guitar World.

-Mark Hoppus says a UK tour is definitely in the future for Blink182, according to NME.  But Travis Barker doesn't do planes anymore (can you blame him?) so he'll be taking a boat overseas.