Mel's Rundown - Woodstock 50 Is Still Pretending To Happen

Come on now

July 10, 2019

Getty Images / Thomas Pajot


-I'm not sure why they haven't given up yet but Woodstock 50 planners are still hanging on to a chance at a second venue.   After they lost the first venue, they applied for a permit for the second venue and were denied.  The organizers say they will fight back on claims the application was submitted "too late," according to Billboard.  Just give up already - nothing will ever compete with the first one! (which is good because "free love" is a lot more dangerous these days).

-Billie Eilish says another album isn't coming just yet but she may be planning a collab with Justin Bieber...seriously, AltPress reports.

-Good Charlotte has cancelled the rest of their summer show dates with a post on social explaining they've "been dealing with a very personal and unexpected loss in our family."  Our thoughts are with the guys.