Most Popular Cocktail In Each State (Not White Claw)

May 15, 2020
Cuba Libre

Getty Images / bhofack2

Americans are drinking more over the past two months than before . . . and it's gotten to the point where we've started mixing up WHAT we're drinking.

A new study looked at Google trends over the past 30 days to figure out what cocktail people in each state have been disproportionately searching for.

There are some popular drinks that come up in a bunch of states like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and margaritas, according to the BroBible.

There are also a few that I'm not sure required Googling - like, did so many people in Missouri REALLY need to Google "gin and tonic" to find out the recipe?  It's IN THE NAME.

And finally, a special shout-out to the people of Iowa, West Virginia, and Maryland who are looking to make Kamikazes.  That's hardcore for home drinking. 

In Florida - we've been going for the Cuba Libre, which is a light rum & coke with lime.