Here's The Most Popular Fetish In Every State

Can you guess Florida's?

January 31, 2020
Feet Fetish

Getty Images / lisafx

Exactly what we needed.  


A new study figured out the most popular fetish in every state based on Google search data.

And the results are all over the place . . . including some things we had to search for ourselves to figure out what they are. 

1.  Leather is most popular in New York . . . and latex is big in Arizona.

2.  Group sex is number one in Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Delaware.

3.  People in Connecticut, Louisiana, and Montana are most into sadism . . . while people in Colorado, Hawaii, South Dakota, and Maryland are most into masochism.

4.  Rhode Island is the only state where a foot fetish came in number one.  But somehow an ARMPIT fetish won two states:  Nevada and Indiana.

5.  Missouri's fetish is used underwear.  And New Hampshire's is something called "sounding," which you should definitely NOT GOOGLE. 

And Florida - we love piercings!  Not much of a fetish, but I guess they could be.