New Online Pickup Line Idea: Pretending You Messaged Someone Accidentally With News About Your Grandfather's Death


November 7, 2019

Getty Images / davidford

Stories like this make me really happy to be outta the dating game.

There's a new way to start a conversation with someone online and MAYBE (probably not) pick them up.

There's a 23-year-old woman named Rachel Brogan.  And she got a message on Facebook a few days ago from a stranger that said, quote, "Hey did you hear about my grandad?"

She wrote back, quote, "What?"  And he responded, quote, "Sorry, wrong person, meant to text a girl I went to school with but clicked on you by accident.  Not thinking straight as my grandad passed away, sorry."

And then, he followed that up with, quote, "You are lovely, though.  You single?"

Rachel tweeted a screenshot of the messages, and now they're going viral.

And while the pickup move didn't work for this guy . . . hey, maybe it'll work for you.  As long as you're cool with the idea of exploiting the fake death of your grandfather to try to get-it-on.