We're Washing Our Hands a Lot More, Except After Using the Bathroom


July 23, 2020

If a pandemic can't change this behavior, nothing can.

A new survey found we're washing our hands a lot more than we used to - about eight times a day, up from five before the virus hit.  But a lot of us still don't do it after using the bathroom.

Excuse me while I throw up.

12% of people admitted they still sometimes skip it, even if it's a public restroom.  That's almost one in eight people.  Here are four more stats from the survey:

1.  78% of us say we're washing our hands more than we used to.

2.  We now wash for an average of 19 seconds, up from 13 before the outbreak.  That's just one second short of what the CDC suggests.

3.  Before the pandemic, 45% of us would sometimes cough into our hands and not wash, and 30% said the same about sneezing.  But we're almost twice as likely to wash our hands after coughing or sneezing now, and we're also much more likely to wash them after we use our phone or computer.

4.  45% of people have avoided places like stores and restaurants in the last few months, specifically because they didn't want to use a public bathroom.