50% Of People Now Say Their Commute Is Stressful (100% In Orlando)

November 6, 2019

Photo Credit: TNS

If you don't turn bright red from yelling at some other idiot on the road every morning, does it even count as commuting?

According to a new survey, HALF of people now say their commute is STRESSFUL.  And 45% say their commute is too long.

I'd bet here in Orlando that 100% of people say their commute is stressful - we have to dodge construction AND tourists.

The average person is commuting 48 minutes a day, which adds up to 240 minutes a week, or four hours.  That works out to about 190 hours per year, or almost eight entire days, according to PR Newswire

Side note - My commute is about 90 minues EACH WAY.  So stop complaining.