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The Ten Cities with the Most Aggressive Drivers

Orlando is #7!

March 13, 2019

Yay!  We made another list.  But we probably shouldn't be proud of this one.  

A new study found that the ten cities with the most aggressive drivers are . . .

1.  Los Angeles. (DUH)

2.  Philadelphia. (Everyone is on the hunt for cheesesteaks)

3.  Sacramento. (Because everyone is trying to leave)

4.  Atlanta. (Nobody can get off the highway that circles the city)

5.  San Francisco. (Everyone is living in their car because the rent is so high)

6.  San Diego.  (So four of the top six are in California.)

7.  Orlando. (I feel like I-4 should've put us at the top of this list)

8.  Detroit.  (Those damn potholes would make you mad too)

9.  Austin. (Everyone is aggressively avoiding hipsters)

10.  Las Vegas. (I'm convinced that only taxis & ubers drive in must be their fault) 

The list used stats from the GasBuddy app to rank the top ten cities for aggressive driving.  They based the ranking on things like speeding, how often we slam on the brakes, and how fast we accelerate. 

Out of the 30 cities they looked at, Minneapolis had the LEAST aggressive drivers. (Because they're too frozen too move)

On Fridays we drive more aggressively than any other day of the week; we're the most laid back on Wednesdays.  

(USA Today)