Third Eye Blind's Stephen Jenkins Thinks He's Better Than You

And Everyone

August 13, 2019

Getty Images / Rich Polk / Stringer


Let me start this off by saying I'm a Third Eye Blind fan, even though you'll doubt that by the end of this article.

Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins recently talked about the band's upcoming sixth album 'Screamer,' which is due out October 18th, according to AboutManchester.  

The problem is that Jenkins comes off as a pretentious snob with his description, using big words to avoid being transparent with his audience.  That's right, he's counting on you to not go googling.

So I've done it for you.  Jenkins words are below in bold and my breakdown is in parentheses.

“My current mood resonates with rebellion," (I fit in with the youngings) "energy," (I take naps) "courage," (and so modest) "and risk" (says the frontman of an incredible popular band that's been going strong for decades) 

“I seek to combine it with" (uh oh, he's getting fancy) "a percussive level" (loud drums) "of musical immediacy" (right now) "in this collection of songs" (uh album) "to cultivate" (develop) "collective idealism" (the belief that perception and ideas shape society) "and an unapologetic aspiration" (I do what I want) "towards humanistic values.” (human needs/values are core beliefs, no religion).

Despite my obvious frustration with Jenkins connecting to his audience in the wrong way, I'm a Third Eye Blind fan.  I like the music and have for years; I just don't think that anyone is so special that they should alienate a majority of their audience to sound smart.