The VW Beetle Is Now Extinct...I'm Heartbroken

The Last One Just Rolled Off the Production Line

July 10, 2019

Getty Images / /Keystone Features


This breaks my heart: The VW Beetle is now extinct.

I've been obsessed with "bugs" since I was a kid and have a 300+ model collection of them to prove it (yes I'm a hoarder of all my childhood toys).  My dream vw is a red 1972 convertible and I'm sure one day I'll get one in normal size.

We knew this day was coming and unfortunately it's here; Volkswagen has ended production of the Beetle.  The last ones just rolled off the assembly line in Mexico.

I never liked the new version of the bug (it's ugly, not in the goos way) but it sure it sad that they're gone forever.

Fun Fact: Volkswagen designed the Beetle in the 1930s when Hitler told them he wanted Germany to have an iconic "people's car" that would make driving as popular as the Ford Model T did in the U.S.  APNews has whole story on the history of the bug here.