82% Of People Feel More Productive When Wearing Comfortable Clothes At Work

Bring on the PJ's!

November 8, 2019

Getty Images / simonapilolla

A big plus of working in radio is that nobody SEES me.  Thankfully, that means I can wear whatever I want and plop my hair into a messy bun everyday.

Not everyone's that lucky, but there seems to be a new trend of companies letting casual Friday slide across the whole week.

According to a new survey, there's actually a reason why (and a good one) companies have gotten so much more casual, reports Yahoo News.

82% of people say they're more PRODUCTIVE when they wear comfortable clothes.  

The survey also found 56% of people feel more confident at work when they're comfortable . . . and only 11% feel more confident when they're wearing formal business clothes. 

The people who created this survey deserve a medal.