What Does Florida Google Most? Amazon.com

Do people really not know that you can just put it directly into the address bar?

December 18, 2018



Before you Google something super, super dumb on Christmas, please remember: your state's entire reputation is on the line.

A website called Satellite Internet scoured Google data to figure out the best thing people in every state disproportionately searched for on Christmas last year.  

Florida googled “Amazon.com,” which bring us to the question of whether people realize that the “dot com” will take you directly to the site you’re looking for.


Here are some more highlights: 


1.  "Liquor stores open near me" . . . Colorado.

2.  "Tinder" . . . Rhode Island.

3.  "Last minute Christmas gift ideas" . . . Alabama.

4.  "Kardashian Christmas card" . . . Wyoming.

5.  "Is Santa Claus real?" . . . West Virginia.

6.  "Where to buy coal" . . . Ohio.

7.  "What Is Christmas?" . . . Alaska and North Carolina.