Florida Woman Builds Bomb At Walmart From Items On Shelves

January 15, 2020

Getty Images / krblokhin

You can't say bomb on an airplane and you probably shouldn't make one in Walmart...

37-year-old Emily Stallard of Tampa was arrested on Saturday after she walked around Walmart for over an hour and then used the stuff in her cart to build a small BOMB.

The items she used included a mason jar . . . a bunch of nails . . . a candle . . . and a can of denatured alcohol, which is kind of like paint thinner, according to WESH.

Luckily, a security guard and an off-duty cop were able to stop her just as she was trying to set it off in the store.  So no one was hurt.  She's facing charges for attempted arson, fire bombing, and battery on an officer.  Apparently she spit on a cop while they were arresting her (that's the Florida woman in her showing).

She also had her kid with her, so they tacked on charges for child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Last we heard, she was still in jail on $8,500 bond.  And her boyfriend wasn't planning to bail her out.