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Backyard Hot Tub

Police Remind Man He Can't Be Naked In His Backyard

The cops in Omaha had to stop by a 43 year old mans house this past weekend to remind him that he can't legally be nude in his backyard, especially since it's in view of neighboring children. According to neighbors the man uses his hot tub and pool completely nude in his backyard. So, the police... Read More
Chicken Nuggets

Supermarket Launches Chicken Nugget Into Space

A British supermarket recently launched a chicken nugget into space for its 50th anniversary. Iceland Foods LTD. aka Iceland, sent a chicken nugget into outer space to celebrate their 50 years of being a company. They released a video to show the public what went down. Chicken nugget is sent into... Read More
Delta Airlines

Pastor Allegedly Urinates On Woman During A Delta Airlines Flight

A pastor from North Carolina has been accused of urinating on a sleeping woman during a flight from Las Vegas to Detroit. Alicia Beverly was on her way home Monday evening, and most of the plane was asleep. She said she was curled up next to her sister, when all of a sudden she felt herself being... Read More
Pig with mask

Face Mask That Smells Like Bacon Now Available

And now the moment some of us have alllll been waiting for. What am I talking about? A face mask that smells like Bacon. As much as I love bacon, this just seems kind of gross. Anyway, on with the story... Hormel Foods has just released info on a new "Breathable Bacon," face mask. They are calling... Read More

Person In Jetpack Has Been Spotted Flying Near LA Airport Again

Back in September I reported on a couple airline pilots who were on their approach to land at LAX, and sent a message to tower asking if anyone else had seen the guy thousands of feet up in the air using a jetpack. An investigation was launched, and nothing was found...until now. There are new... Read More