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Man Serves 5 More Years In Jail Than He Had To

A man from Samoa made a mistake and stayed in jail an extra five years because no one told him he had served his time. There's a little more to the story. Sio Agafili was supposed to serve until December 2015, but stayed in jail an extra 5 years. The prison staff didn't know that he wasn't supposed... Read More
Bed Bath Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond Is Closing Over 200 Stores

Bed, Bath & Beyond just announced that they'll be closing 200 of their stores over the next two years. Sounds like a lot but it's only about 20% of their total stores. That 20% will save them between $250 and $250 million! This isn't strictly covid related though. ClickOrlando reports that Wall... Read More
Wine Basket

Wine Fairies Are Leaving Wine Baskets On Doorsteps

Why aren't my neighbors doing this yet? Tens of thousands of people have joined Facebook groups and become "Wine Fairies" in the last few months. Wine! Fairies! They put together gift baskets that usually include wine, and leave them on people's doorsteps. Hundreds of chapters have popped up all... Read More

Ozzy Launches 'Ozzy For President' Merch Line

The Prince of Darkness himself has launched a new merch line - 'Ozzy For President.' T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and hoodies are all available in his online store. Many of them have an 80's image of the rocker along with the Ozzy For President slogan. Ozzy tweeted about the release with the... Read More

A Sex-Crazed Peacock Terrorized The Residents Of A Canadian Condo

It happens every day in Florida. " So and so catches giant alligator on front porch ". Yawn. Old news. So let's take a look at what's happening up in Canada. If you've ever hung around the peacocks in various Florida neighborhoods, you probaby know why I'm more afraid of them than any alligator... Read More
Mickey Mouse At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Requires Mask With "Ear Loops" Or Ties

It's a big week for Orlando. Walt Disney World is opening Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on Saturday, July 11th. EPCOT and Hollywood Studios will follow on the 15th, with a modified International Food & Wine Fest beginning immediately when EPCOT opens. As you can imagine, there are plenty of... Read More

Cocoa Beach Passes Mask Mandate

Add Cocoa Beach to the long list of places now requiring masks when you're indoors. On Tuesday, Cocoa Beach passes a mask mandate that requires people to wear masks at all indoors places, excluding their homes. There are a few exceptions, according to ClickOrlando , like exercising, eating, and... Read More
Beer Bottle At Beach

South Korea To Ban "Fried Chicken And Beer" At Their Beaches

Okay, so what do you eat and drink at the beach? You bust out that sparkling seltzer? Maybe have a nice, light snack? You amateur. You absolute fool. Beach-goers in South Korea are operating on a completely different level. According to the internet, the people of South Korea love nothing more than... Read More