Iva Colter and Mike Colter

Marvel Cancels Luke Cage And Iron Fist

But Jessica Jones gets to stay?
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Tom Holland

Tom Holland Reveals New Spider-Man Suit (Video)

I guess he's feeling a little better now.
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Giant Inflatable Colon Gets Stolen

Why a colon?
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Video: Watch The New “Halloween” Movie Trailer

The new movie ignores the other sequels and focuses on Michael Myers' first target, Jamie Lee Curtis. Video of Halloween - Official Trailer (HD) Her character, Laurie Strode, has spent the past four decades preparing herself and her heavily fortified house for his return. Michael's been locked up...
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Winnipeg Hands Out Weed Tickets 1 Hour After Law Enforced

That's a hefty fine.
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Man Spends Half A Million $ On A Dog Mansion

My dog gets fed and tummy rubs, best I can do.
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Town OKs Steep Fines For Parking Near 'The Goonies' House

ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) — The Astoria City Council has taken a step toward cracking down on motorists who illegally park near "The Goonies" house. The Daily Astorian reports the City Council held a first reading of an ordinance Monday to modify city code and enhance the fees people will have to pay if...
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Robo Dog

Robo Pup Dances To Uptown Funk (Video)

The title speaks for itself
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Burger King

Study Says Burger King Has Fastest Drive Thru Delivery Time

McDonalds take note.
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Cities Enforce Age Limits For Trick Or Treating

Imagine being jailed for Trick Or Treating.
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