jerry seinfeld

Netflix Buys 'Seinfeld' For Half A Billion Dollars

Netflix may have lost "The Office" and "Friends" , but they secured a major property to help make up for it. They just acquired worldwide rights to "Seinfeld" in a five-year deal worth more than HALF A BILLION DOLLARS. Hulu has it now, but their deal ends in 2021. That's when Netflix gets it...
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New 'Suicide Squad' Movie Cast Announced

The newest Suicide Squad film cast has been announced.
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Vans Is Releasing A 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Collection

Vans is rolling out a new collection fit for a Pumpkin King. On the heels of their David Bowie and Harry Potter collections, the company is preparing to release a set of shoes inspired by Tim Burton's 1993 classic The Nightmare Before Christmas . View this post on Instagram The Nightmare Before...
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'Storm Area 51' Creator Has Cancelled the Alienstock Music Festival

Alienstock , the festival thrown together in an attempt to capitalize on the viral, Storm Area 51 Facebook event, has been cancelled. Perhaps it was a lack of permits, or the threats from the people of Rachel, Nevada, but organizer Matty Roberts has decided to end plans for the extraterrestrial...
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Steele Chin Shelf

The Hottest New Selfie Pose Is the "Chin Shelf"

Hey look! A New trend. This time it has to do with taking a selfie with your hand underneath your chin. They're calling it "Chin Shelf" but they should of named it "Chelfie" All you have to do is put one finger underneath your chi The Chin Shelf is the sultry new Instagram pose loved by Khloe...
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Cold Beverage in a can

America is Running Out of White Claw

White Claw has confirmed that there is a nationwide shortage of their hard seltzer. They are working non stop to produce more, but White Claw has grown faster than anyone predicted. Representatives from White Claw were not specific on when the supply would return to normal, but they are doing their...
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Ring Doorbell

Man's Ring Doorbell Cam Captures Moment His House is Destroyed by Dorian

Technically it was a tornado that spawned inside of the hurricane. That's why the winds go from 20mph, to what looks like 100 mph so quick. GOOSEBUMPS. This video is- wow. Just listen to that wind. It's from Jason Sawyer's Ring doorbell and it shows the moment a tornado destroyed his #EmeraldIsle...
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Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan on Dave Chappelle Getting a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

Laughing is okay despite what you've seen on TV. Video of Joe Rogan | Chappelle's New Special Had 0% on Rotten Tomatoes
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Bear Cub

Police Officers Rescue Bear Cub Trapped In Trash Bin

Police Officers in California help a crying young bear after getting trapped in a trash can outside of a Hotel in Lake Tahoe. The Cub reunited with his Bear family. Video of Deputies rescue bear cub trapped in trash bin
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Couple Riding Roller Coaster

Man Catches Someone Else's Flying Phone On Roller Coaster

The feer of losing your wallet, phone, hat, or anything in your pockets is always with you while riding a roller coaster. I just can't bring myself to wear a fanny pack, so it's either to the lockers or to my back pockets with all my lose items. I'll sit on my shoes and pretty much do whatever I...
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