Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow' Is 20! 6 Facts That Will Make Your Head Roll

It's a wonder it took so long for Tim Burton to make his first proper horror movie "Sleepy Hollow." Although it has flown under the radar against the backdrop of the director's colorfully grotesque oeuvre, the 1999 film still holds up today, both as a standalone horror film, as well as the...
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Gay Penguin Couple Steals Egg From Hetero Penguin Couple At Zoo

I'm sure by now you've heard of gay penguins both in the wild and in captivity, but have you heard of criminal gay penguins? Oh yes, it's a thing. A male gay penguin couple stole an egg from a heterosexual penguin couple at the DierenPark Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands. Zoo officials say the gay...
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Dueling Gallaghers: Noel Says Liam's Online Behavior Keeping Oasis Apart

Ever since the band split up in 2009, fans have been begging for a respite from Noel's Flying Birds and Liam's Beady Eyes and just be given a reunion already. But it seems like that's not going to happen anytime soon. According to a new interview with The Big Issue , Noel won't be sitting down for...
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Surfing Couple Laughs

Man Proposes to Girlfriend While Surfing And Drops Ring In The Ocean

This could be one of the most "Hawaii" things ever. A dude was out surfing with his girlfriend. By surprise he got down on one knee while on his surfboard and asked her to marry him. She promptly said yes, and he immediately dropped the ring into the ocean. Even luckier for this guy, there were a...
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Girl thinks it's small

Asylum Seeker Enters Australia After Penis Enlargement Gone Wrong

A asylum seeker who botched his own do it yourself penis enlargement surgery has entered Australia with hopes of having it fixed. There is a controversial Medevac Law which allows asylum seekers to enter Australia under certain circumstances. The man is currently being held in Queensland, and soon...
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Poo Emoji

30 Foot Tall Poo Emoji Placed At Portland’s Courthouse To Support World Toilet Day

The biggest poo in the world (I think) arrived at downtown Portland's Courthouse Square recently. The inflatable giant poo emoji was placed there, with permission, by Poo-Pourri and designed to support World Toilet Day. I'm not making this up. That's the Portland I know and love. https://t.co/...
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Oops. Disney+ Accounts Are Already Being Hacked And Sold

Word has it that within hours of Disney+'s launch, hackers were already breaking into accounts, changing users' passwords, and putting them up for sale on the dark web.
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cihatatceken / Getty

Man Withdrawals A Large Amount Of Cash And Gets Robbed By His Bank Teller

A Maryland bank teller went to a man's house who had withdrawn a large amount of cash earlier in the day to rob him. Hartford County Sherriff's Office responded to a 911 call from the 78-year-old man at his home on Monday. The police were able to see that he'd been assualted by 19-year-old Nathan...
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Adult Diaper

Man Pretends To Be Disabled So Home Care Workers Will Change His Diaper

A man from New Orleans was recently arrested for tricking a bunch of home health care workers by telling them he was disabled in order to get free adult diaper changes. Yes, the man wanted his diaper changed. Rutledge Deas, a 29 year old, made a bunch of social media post looking for home health...
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Disney+ Says They Got 10 Million Sign Ups In One Day

Disney says over 10 million people signed up for Disney+ on Day One. That's well above industry projections. But most of those users are on a free-trial, so they're not paying customers... yet.
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