17 Reasons Why I'm The Best Coworker Ever

It may sound egotistical but I am an awesome coworker and here's why... 1. I leave gum at my desk for anyone who may want a piece 2. I will tell you if you have bad breath (discreetly of course) 3. I will tell you if you have food in your teeth or on your face 4. I'm good at listening to your...
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A Cruise Just For Flat Earthers

So are they sailing around the ocean or back and forth?
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Meet InspiroBot: The Inspirational Quote Generator

So browsing around the internet I found Ispirobot . The random inspiritational quote generator Some of these get pretty crazy... see for yourself. Inspirobot got me all inspired today. pic.twitter.com/8Nzr6I33py — Shez Clayton (@Shezclayton) January 7, 2019 Inspirobot is truly something pic.twitter...
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Is FortNite Stealing: A Youtubers Confession (Video)

Can you actually copyright a dance though?
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Mike Posner

New Music From Mike Posner

It's sad but uplifting.
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Rock Band

Footage Of MGMT Recording Electric Feel

The song hasn't lost any of its greatness over the years.
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Bear Cub

Bear Rings Door Bells In Florida (Video)

Would you answer it?
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New Jersey Law Wants To Advocate For Abused Pets

Get these animals a lawyer.
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A New Secret For The Lore Of Harry Potter

Thats just gross.
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Red Light Camera

Red Light Cameras Come Down Around Orlando

The new year is starting off great.
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