Sleeping Forklift Operator Takes Down A Wall Of Merch

Video of a Sleeping Forklift Operator Taking Down a Wall of Merchandise
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Hunters Creek Map

Uptown Funk - Hunter's Creek Music Video

Uptown Funk Hunters Creek edition.
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Sex Worker

Sex Workers upset that they are left out of COVID-19 Relief Funds

Some sex workers in Canada are unable to receive money from the Coronavirus relief fund.
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Drive In Theater Sign

Drive-In Theaters Thriving Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

In the midst of Coronavirus shutdowns, the retro fun of a drive-in theater is thriving, and keeping everyone locked in their own cars to keep social distancing.
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Happy Cute Cow

THERE'S A COW IN THE POOL...Must Watch Video

Man describes a home security cam video of a cow falling in a pool.
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Disney Frozen

Stores Pull Frozen II Booklet From Shelves Because It Contains X-Rated Content

A mother from Queensland bought a Frozen II booklet for her daughters birthday, but she didn't count on the contents to be full of X rated material.
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Alicia Silverstone Recalls ‘Hurtful’ Body-Shaming When Starring as Batgirl

Alicia Silverstone is opening up about being on the receiving end of ‘hurtful’ body-shaming when she starred as Batgirl in the 1997 film ‘Batman and Robin.’
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Matt Maeson

Socially Distant ep 5 - Matt Maeson

James Steele chats with Matt Maeson on this edition of Socially Distant episode 5.
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Socially Distant ep 4 - AJ from Saint Motel

James Steele chats with AJ from Saint Motel on this edition of Socially Distant episode 4.
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Jack from AJR

Socially Distant EP 3 - Jack from AJR

James Steele chats with Jack from AJR on this edition of Socially Distant.
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