Sexually Frustrated Dolphin Terrorizes Tourists

This Dolphins on a bad dry spell.
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Sex Doll Brothel Coming To Toronto

I guess this is what Canadians wanted.
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Florida Town Changes It's Name To Miracle Whip

I guess Hellman's didn't make the cut.
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James Plays Speak Out On Facebook Live

Last night James took to Facebook Live for a hilarious game of Speak Out.
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Man Documents Farts At Work For 6 Months

The video went viral receiving over a million views. In a job like radio, that would likely lead to a raise...not so much in the security field. The same master of farts has posted a video of him arriving to work, clearly under the impression he will be getting fired. He was right... The Rise Of "...
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Florida Granny Rides In The Back Of A Pickup Truck In Her Wheelchair

In new video captured by a guy from Tampa, an elderly woman is shown sitting in a wheelchair in the bed of a pickup truck.
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Is Netflix Testing Commercials?

Netflix users have been freaking out this weekend about the possibility of adverts – short advertisements similar to what you see on Youtube – in between shows. Cord Cutters News reported that some users have been forced to watch 15 second segments promoting another show and that they have not been...
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Fan Sneaks Into Pittsburgh Steelers Practice

A fan snuck into practice with the Pittsburgh Steelers a few days ago. According to Bleacher Report he only stuck out because he was the only one wearing pads and was wearing #43 which hasn't been worn since Troy Polamalu's retirement in April 2015. The fan actually made it into a few drills before...
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Disney Announces Live Action Mulan Cast (Video)

Production has officially begun on the live action adaptation.
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Classic Dragon Ball Z Films Return To Theaters This Fall (Video)

All in anticipation of the new film in January 2019
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