Friday Funny: Dad Watches Kids Slip On Ice (Video)

This guy is making the most of having to taxi his children.
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Nintendo DS

Fans Upset That Nintendo Murdered Mario & Luigi In New Game Trailers (VIDEO)

I'm sure they're fine, right?
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Jeff Hardy

Interview With Jeff Hardy (Audio)

Jeff Hardy stops by the FM 1019 studio for bit before tonight's SmackDown Live.
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Photographer Uses Dog To Recreate Madonna Photos

Vincent Flouret and his dog Max have launched a project called "Maxdonna." He decided to have fun with his photography passion and use Max to recreate iconic photos from Madonna's career. According to Daily Squared all profits from these photos go to a charity Madonna runs. Video of This Dog...
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Man Drop Kicks Bear In The Chest For Breaking Into Cabin

That's one way to deal with unwanted animals.
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Man Bun

Man Bun Gets This Guy The Boot From Work

They aren't that ugly are they?
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Amish Man Launches Horse & Carriage Uber Service.

I wonder if he has a 5 Star Rating.
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German Domino World Record Sabotaged By A Fly

All that work gone to waste.
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Disney Drama: Man Proposes to Minnie In Front Of Mickey (Video)

I wonder how Donald and Goofy feel about this.
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Check Out These I-4 Eyesore Themed Socks

Someone please wear these to the grand opening.
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