Friday Funny: Every Parent At Disney (Video)

We all know someone like this.
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Lebron James Opens The "I Promise School" (Video)

The school will help at risk youth in his hometown.
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Social Media

Google Fixing Inappropriate Text Suggestions On Android Phones

Android is increasing it's "banned word" algorithm.
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Japanese Company Advertises On Armpits

Literally they're putting ads on armpits.
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Josh Dun Disney

Disney Scraps Straws & Stirrers

On Thursday, Disney announced that they will have a ban on plastic straws and stirrers in all of their parks. It is part of their “long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship.” This is a great initiative and other businesses should follow suit. Over 500 million straws are used in America...
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Scare Alert: The New "Slender Man" Trailer Is Out!

I watched this trailer at 9:11am, in my wide open office, with people all around and still got super freaked out! It comes out August 24th, 2018 and if this is any example, it’s going to be amazing. Video of Slender Man - Official Trailer #2 - At Cinemas August 24
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“Stoned Alone”: A New Take on “Home Alone”

The movie is about a weed grower who misses the plane to his ski trip. Alone in his house, he hears noises and finds out that some thieves are trying to break in. Just like the original, the star tricks the thieves and sets up booby traps all over the house to catch them. I’m not quite sure how I...
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Liquid Underground Lake Found On Mars

This story in still in development.
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R. Kelly

R. Kelly Releases New Song "I Admit It"

He held nothing back in this track.
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Friday Funny: Dads Make Babies Laugh (Video)

The headline basically says it all.
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