Matt Stone and Trey Parker

South Park Demands Its Own Cancellation

The show just premiered its 21st Season.
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Will Smith

Will Smith Bungee Jumps for His 50th Birthday In The Grand Canyon

That's one way to celebrate.
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Nintendo Grants Dying Fans Wish Just Before Passing

R.I.P. Chris Taylor
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Distracted Boyfriend Meme Is Ruled As Sexist By Sweden

Read the article but still don't see how.
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WATCH: James Gets BeanBoozled!

James brings Kristine into the studio to go Facebook Live with a game of BeanBoozled! Some of the tastiest Jelly Bellys in the world mix in with some of the nastiest and the big question is...will anyone puke? Watch as they take the BeanBoozled challenge and find out!
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Dunkin' Donuts Will Change Its Name To Dunkin'

I don't like the idea of anyone disrespecting donuts, so I'm pretty uneasy about this. Yesterday, Dunkin' Donuts announced they're officially changing their name to just "Dunkin'." After 68 years, no more "Donuts." And it's pretty obvious why: They don't really make much money from their donuts, so...
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Will Smith

Will Smith Does Stand Up With Dave Chappelle & Freestyles With Katt Williams (Video)

These people really got their moneys worth.
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Model Challenges Beauty Standards With Unibrow (Video)

Meet Sophia Hadjipanteli She and her unibrow "Veronica" are challenging modern day beauty standards. Although she faces much criticism she vows to never shave or pluck her eyebrow. Video of Meet The Greek-Cypriot Model Owning Her Unibrow, Named Veronica Video of Meet The Greek-Cypriot Model Owning...
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Man Fakes Kidnapping So He Could Drink With Friends

That's one way to go out with the boys.
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Scrabble Adds "Twerk" To List Of Words Being Added To Game

There are about 300+ additional words incoming.
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