Woman in Long Term Relationship with 92 Year Old Chandelier

A woman from Great Britain is in love with a chandelier, and the government disagrees that her relationship with the light is not a sexual orientation.
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Jeff and Lauren Lowe of 'Tiger King' Claim Joe Exotic Stole Money From the Zoo for Facelifts

Jeff and Lauren Lowe from the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’ share their thoughts on Joe Exotic and how they were portrayed in the show, which has become a global phenomenon.
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Real Doll

A Bodybuilder Postponed Wedding to Sex Doll due to Coronavirus

Yuri Tolochko a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan had to postpone is wedding with a sex doll due to the Coronavirus quarantine.
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Cans of beans

Man finds out his girlfriend buried his stockpile of beans in the woods just in case coronavirus got bad

A mystery man recently posted a story on Reddit about his girlfriend hiding his 40 cans of beans in the wood in case Coronavirus got bad.
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Lease Agreement

Landlords are asking for Sex instead of Rent due to Coronavirus

Reports of landlords taking advantage of tenants and asking for sex instead of rent money due to the Coronavirus are on the rise.
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WATCH: Hayley Williams Releases 'My Friend' Video

Hayley Williams releases 'My Friend' Song and Video
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New ‘Tiger King’ After-Show Coming to Netflix This Sunday

Netflix has confirmed a new episode of “Tiger King” will start streaming beginning on Sunday, April 12th.The eighth episode of the blockbuster documentary series is called “The Tiger King and I.”
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'Saturday Night Live' Returns This Weekend with Remotely-Produced Episode

NBC announced on Thursday that “Saturday Night Live” will return this weekend with a show – but it will be produced remotely and of course observe social distancing.
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Woman With Adult Toys

Sex Toy Sales More Than Double Due To Coronavirus Quarantine

New Zealand sex toy sales have more than doubled since the Coronavirus lockdown began.
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Get Paid $2,000 To All Episodes of ANY Show!

CableTV.com is willing to pay five people $2,000 to watch every episode of whatever show they want. Pretty much anyone can apply, and if you're chosen, all you have to do is watch that show and post about it on social media.
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