Florida Man

Funky Buddha

Florida Man Happy Hour With Funky Buddha!

submit (3) Florida Man Music Festival Dream Artists
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The Godfather

Florida Man Get Drunk, Tells Police Hes The Godfather

Florida Man Get Drunk, Tells Police Hes The Godfather Michael Corleone
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FLA Woman Arrested For Slap Fight Over TikTok Videos

A woman in Florida was arrested on Tuesday after she started a slap fight with her girlfriend over an argument about TikTok videos. She was charged with domestic battery.
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gender reveal cake

Florida Gender Reveal Explosion Causes 10 Acre Fire

A gender reveal involving a gun and some tannerite in Brevard County lead to a 10-acre fire.
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Fire Bed

Florida Man Sets Fire To Hospital Bed To Get Nurses' Attention

A 75-year-old guy in Florida was in the hospital over the weekend and he felt like the nurses were ignoring him, so he lit his hospital bed on fire to get their attention. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and he was arrested for felony arson.
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Shoplifter Hits Every "Florida Man" Bingo Square On Meat Pants Heist

A alleged shoplifter in DeLand, Florida was doing his best to hit all the hallmarks of a Florida Man story in one simple headline.
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Florida Woman Tries To Use Medical Marijuana Card For Crack Cocaine

A woman in Florida was pulled over last month and smelled like weed. She told the cops she had a medical marijuana card . . . but they also found CRACK in her car. And, obviously, she didn't have a medical card for THAT. She was arrested for cocaine possession.
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front porch interviews

Florida Man Music Festival 2019 Interviews

Interviews with The 1975, Jimmy Eat World, SHAED and more from the Florida Technical College Front Porch at Florida Man Music Festival
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Florida Man Music Festival

[PHOTOS] Florida Man Music Festival

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Drunk Driver

Florida Man With 'Don't Drink & Drive' Sticker Arrested For DUI

A guy in Florida with a "Don't Drink and Drive" bumper sticker was arrested on Friday after he rear-ended another car . . . and the cops found he was driving drunk.
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