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NYC: This Is What A 67 Million Dollar Home Looks Like...

This is just disgusting. For that kind of money, I'd much rather own the fire station from Ghostbusters. Here's the listing in case you're interested.
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There's a New Beer That Can Also Be Used to Develop Film?

If you've ever developed pictures in a dark room, like maybe for photography class back in high school, you know that it takes a ton of chemicals to pull it off. Did you ever think about drinking those chemicals? Probably not... Dogfish Head Brewery just created a new beer that can also be used to...
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Whoo! It's back! But for the life of me, I haven't been able to find a single location that has them. I don't mean to be critical of McDonald's, but their McFinder sucks. Try your luck and let me know where to find one. The minty moment you’ve been waiting for is finally...
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A Cruise Just For Flat Earthers

So are they sailing around the ocean or back and forth?
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South Dakota

South & North Dakota Want To Become MegaKota

Thousands are signing a petition to merge South & North Dakota...... again. "I dream of a unified dakota," Andrew Toland posted after signing the petition. According to KSFY , they want to merge and become one state known as MegaKota. Thousands sign petition to merge North and South Dakota into...
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Meet InspiroBot: The Inspirational Quote Generator

So browsing around the internet I found Ispirobot . The random inspiritational quote generator Some of these get pretty crazy... see for yourself. Inspirobot got me all inspired today. — Shez Clayton (@Shezclayton) January 7, 2019 Inspirobot is truly something pic.twitter...
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Rock Band

Footage Of MGMT Recording Electric Feel

The song hasn't lost any of its greatness over the years.
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Bear Cub

Bear Rings Door Bells In Florida (Video)

Would you answer it?
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A New Secret For The Lore Of Harry Potter

Thats just gross.
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Red Light Camera

Red Light Cameras Come Down Around Orlando

The new year is starting off great.
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