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Blue Moon Is Releasing An Iced Coffee Beer. Ummmm.

I loved Blue Moon and I loved iced coffee - but NO. Sure there are espresso stouts and all sorts of fun beers that play with coffee, but my gut tells me that this one is going to be a swing and a miss. Blue Moon is releasing 'Blue Moon Iced Coffee Blonde,' which will be available in 6-packs...
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This World Record Waterslide Is Almost 9,000 Feet Long

When I think of waterslides, I generally think of Florida. But apparently I'm thinking all wrong because the world's largest waterslide is in China! It's about a mile-and-a-half long, and was certified by Guinness as the world's longest mountain/hillside waterslide, according to UPI . It's actually...
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The Best Things You'll See At Our Florida Man Music Festival - In Videos

Finally! The Florida Man Music Festival has been announced and we're stoked about the lineup this year. I'm sure I'll have plenty of actual work that day but it's pretty much guaranteed that during the songs below - you'll find me at the stage (most likely with an incognito adult beverage). Video...
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Florida Man Breaks Into Home To Cook Breakfast, Tells Homeowners To Go 'Back To Sleep'

This Florida Man wasn't going to let Dorian stop him from doing something ridiculous. On Tuesday morning, a 19 year old Florida Man Marine broke into a home in the early hours of the morning and made himself breakfast, according to VT . When the homeowners woke up to the noise, they told the man to...
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Drunk Driver

A Drunk Driver Tries To Bet A Cop On Her Blood-Alcohol Level - She Was Wrong

Maybe this isn't the best time to try to get someone to make a bet with you. A 62-year-old woman named Mary Westerlund was pulled over for drunk driving on Monday night her near home in The Villages (you know - the crazy giant retirement community where everyone goes to get drunk and then die) For...
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Tire Band-Aid

A Guy Gets Busted for Drugs While Trying to Fix a Flat Tire With Band-Aids

Someone in Southern California called the cops on Tuesday about a "suspicious" guy fixing a flat tire on the side of the road, about halfway between San Diego and L.A. Sounds pretty normal, right? It turned out the guy was trying to fix two flat tires on his SUV by patching them with BAND-AIDS,...
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Crazy Cat Lady

A New Study Shows I'm Not As Crazy As You Think #Meow

Wow, a study has proven there's no scientific evidence backing up the "crazy cat lady" stereotype. Good news: I'm not nuts because I have lots of cats. Bad news: I'm still a little bit nuts and I have lots of cats. Researchers at UCLA found that people who own cats (one or a whole bunch) didn't...
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Surfers Put Eyes On Surfboard

Surfers Put Eyes On Surfboard To Scare Sharks

If this works then it's absolutely brilliant. Surfers are putting large eye stickers on their boards and even their wetsuit legs to try and confuse/scare sharks away. Simple, non-invasive, affordable. Backed by watermen all over the world. Check us out online (link in bio @sharkeyesusa) for our...
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Slingshot Cable Snaps

WATCH: Florida Slingshot Ride Cable Snaps With Riders On It!

I used to love the Slingshot ride. Not anymore. This past weekend, the slingshot ride at Cobra Adventure Park in Panama Beach broke with two passengers in the chair. The video shows two people strapped in and about to slingshot off, when all of a sudden the cord holding the ride breaks and shreds...
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VIDEO: Florida Man Attacks Jogger With Sword Over Trash Treasures

I'm a curbside shopper so this story hits a bit too close to home. (Hey, don't judge - my neighbors put out good stuff) Two Florida Men in Broward County got into it after they both wanted the same item from a neighbors trash pile - a lawn cart in surprisingly good condition, according to Fox35 ...
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