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Robot Dog

Russian Robot Fools Viewers

The robot takeover may be coming later than I thought.
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Spruce Creek High Band Trailer Stolen

Any information would help these kids greatly.
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"Baby Its Cold Outside" Deemed Offensive By Radio Stations

We all know the holiday classic "Baby It's Cold Outside." People have begun to point out that the 1949 winter hit might have promoted sexual harassment. Some radio stations have even planned to ban the song this winter. Video of Is 'Baby It's Cold Outside' Really...
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RIP Roger The Ripped Kangaroo

Our hearts are with him and his fans.
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Playstation Controller

God Of War Wins GOTY Award

Well deserved,
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Frying Pan

Non Stick Pans Shrink Penises Experts Say

So doing dishes is better for your health.
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College Kids Want To Ban Porn

I have A LOT of questions.
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Christmas Decorating Gone Wrong (Video)

Now we all have seen some cool decorations over the years. Some that can be tricky to the eye. Watch this News crew lose it whne they see this mans reactions to his neighbors decorations Video of News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Christmas Decoration Gone Wrong (Contagious Laughter)...
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Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Creates New Video Game Console

Will you pick this up?
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New Driver

German Driver Loses License Minutes After Getting It

Thats got to be a world record.
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