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SpaceX Gets Ready for 1030p Thursday Launch Window

With last night's launch scrubbed due to high winds, SpaceX is looking towards their backup window to launch Falcon 9 and the 60 Starlink satellites - tonight at 1030pm Eastern. Standing down today due to excess upper level winds. Teams are working toward tomorrow's backup launch window, which...
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Lucy Needs A Home - Adopt This Beautiful Dog

Orange County Animal Services stopped by the FM studio with this beautiful girl, Lucy. She's approximately 5 years old and weighs about 45 pounds. Super sweet and lots of energy. She needs heartworm medicine but the cost of her treatment is covered thanks to an outside sponsorship. If you're...
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Brakes Are For Stopping, Not For Starting Traffic

Well this day started badly. Since it took me 2 hours to get to work today I just thought I'd give you all a friendly reminder: Your brake pedal is attached to bright lights in the back of your vehicle that tell other drivers to use caution. That means that every time you step on it, you freak...
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Bear Cub

Bear Rings Door Bells In Florida (Video)

Would you answer it?
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Red Light Camera

Red Light Cameras Come Down Around Orlando

The new year is starting off great.
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Meteor Shower

See The Meteor Shower Over Orlando Tonight

Start off 2019 with a light show in the sky. About 60 - 200 meteors an hour will be visible tonight. According to Orlando Weekly , "The Quadrantids, named after an extinct constellation, are known for their bright fireball meteors and being one of the best meteor showers of the year." Anywhere...
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Spruce Creek High Band Trailer Stolen

Any information would help these kids greatly.
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Christmas Decorating Gone Wrong (Video)

Now we all have seen some cool decorations over the years. Some that can be tricky to the eye. Watch this News crew lose it whne they see this mans reactions to his neighbors decorations Video of News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Christmas Decoration Gone Wrong (Contagious Laughter)...
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Someone Hacks Printers For PewDiePie

Which Side Are You On?
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Playstation Controller

Playstation Classic: Love It Or Hate It? (Review)

Have you picked up this new retro console?
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