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Spruce Creek High Band Trailer Stolen

Any information would help these kids greatly.
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Christmas Decorating Gone Wrong (Video)

Now we all have seen some cool decorations over the years. Some that can be tricky to the eye. Watch this News crew lose it whne they see this mans reactions to his neighbors decorations Video of News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Christmas Decoration Gone Wrong (Contagious Laughter)...
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Someone Hacks Printers For PewDiePie

Which Side Are You On?
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Playstation Controller

Playstation Classic: Love It Or Hate It? (Review)

Have you picked up this new retro console?
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New Driver

German Driver Loses License Minutes After Getting It

Thats got to be a world record.
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Florida Alligator Issued Citation

Hows he going to pay it though.
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Florida Man Dressed Like "The Joker" Arrested

Yeah...... keep him in there.
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Cop Car

FL Squad Car Goes So Fast It Catches On Fire

I wonder if the perp got away?
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Photos Of Universal Orlando's Future Expansion Plans

I wonder what else is on the way?
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Future Plans For The Orlando Skyline

Can we finish all this other construction first?
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