New App Tracks Which McDonald's  Ice Cream Machines Aren't Working

A frequent customer at McDonald's who is also a software engineer was getting sick of visiting McDonald's only to discover that their ice cream machine was broken.
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Oreo Builds Asteroid Proof Bunker Filled With Cookies And Milk

So, there's a "threat" of this asteroid coming close to Earth on November 2nd, and Oreo decided to capitalize on this and build what they call an asteroid proof bunker filled with cookies and milk.
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Supermarket Apoligizes For Saying Tampons Are Not Essential

Tesco Supermarket has apologized after a statement saying that sanitary towels and tampons were not essential, and would not sell them due to Coronavirus restrictions.
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Person Showering

Mom Showers With Her 19 Year Old Daughter; Says It's The Best Way To Start Day

A Florida mother from Jensen Beach Florida started to join her 19 year old daughter Brittani in the shower every morning starting at the age of five to help with washing her hair and body.
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Town Panics Over Alien Invasion; Turns Out To Be Iron Man Balloon

A balloon that was in the shape of Iron Man freaked out the small town of Dankaur into thinking there was an alien invasion.
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Online Student

Seventh Grader Threatened With Arrest After Missing Three Zoom Classes

A California seventh grader was threatened to be arrested in a letter from his school after missing three Zoom classes.
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Police Car

VIDEO: Driver In High Speed Police Chase Stops For Gas

The driver of a vehicle being chased by police in Los Angeles was about to run out of gas, so he decided to stop mid-pursuit at a gas station and fill up.
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500 Pound Human Body Causes Fire

A huge fire lit up the skies at a crematorium in Mechanicsville Virginia on Wednesday while the employees were in the process of cremating a 500 pound body.
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Man Steals From Walgreens While TV Reporter Is Live Reporting On Shoplifting

A TV crew from Inside Edition was in a San Francisco Walgreens recording a segment on the increase in shoplifting at the store, when a man entered, jumped over the counter, and started stealing merchandise.
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Backyard Hot Tub

Police Remind Man He Can't Be Naked In His Backyard

The cops in Omaha had to stop by a 43 year old mans house this past weekend to remind him that he can't legally be nude in his backyard, especially since it's in view of neighboring children.
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