maury povich

There's A New "Maury" Party Game Called "You Are Not The Father"

There's a new "Maury" board game called "You Are Not the Father". It's unclear exactly how it'll work, but it's being described as a "hilarious party game" with "outrageous accusations" and a "big reveal" at the end.
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Man Attacks His Family For Not Supporting Him On America's Got Talent

This one is out of West Virginia. A man is accused of attacking his own family members because they wouldn't support him entering "America's Got Talent." A very angry Gregory Rarey stormed out of his house, but then decided to come back and scream loudly at his family members after they told him...
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Gay Penguin Couple Steals Egg From Hetero Penguin Couple At Zoo

I'm sure by now you've heard of gay penguins both in the wild and in captivity, but have you heard of criminal gay penguins? Oh yes, it's a thing. A male gay penguin couple stole an egg from a heterosexual penguin couple at the DierenPark Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands. Zoo officials say the gay...
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A Million Faulty Condoms Recalled

A Uganda charity has had to recall over a million condoms that were distributed due to safety use concerns. Tests (that should have been done before they were distributed) showed that there were holes and a heightened risks of bursting. The charity which distributed the condoms provides family...
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Surfing Couple Laughs

Man Proposes to Girlfriend While Surfing And Drops Ring In The Ocean

This could be one of the most "Hawaii" things ever. A dude was out surfing with his girlfriend. By surprise he got down on one knee while on his surfboard and asked her to marry him. She promptly said yes, and he immediately dropped the ring into the ocean. Even luckier for this guy, there were a...
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Girl thinks it's small

Asylum Seeker Enters Australia After Penis Enlargement Gone Wrong

A asylum seeker who botched his own do it yourself penis enlargement surgery has entered Australia with hopes of having it fixed. There is a controversial Medevac Law which allows asylum seekers to enter Australia under certain circumstances. The man is currently being held in Queensland, and soon...
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Poo Emoji

30 Foot Tall Poo Emoji Placed At Portland’s Courthouse To Support World Toilet Day

The biggest poo in the world (I think) arrived at downtown Portland's Courthouse Square recently. The inflatable giant poo emoji was placed there, with permission, by Poo-Pourri and designed to support World Toilet Day. I'm not making this up. That's the Portland I know and love.
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pabst blue ribbon cans

PBR Selling 99-Can "Family Pack" Just In Time For The Holidays

Pabst Blue Ribbon just started selling new 99-PACKS of beer. They come in a long, narrow box that's several feet long, and cost $175. And they're available in 15 states.
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Adult Diaper

Man Pretends To Be Disabled So Home Care Workers Will Change His Diaper

A man from New Orleans was recently arrested for tricking a bunch of home health care workers by telling them he was disabled in order to get free adult diaper changes. Yes, the man wanted his diaper changed. Rutledge Deas, a 29 year old, made a bunch of social media post looking for home health...
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Sunday Is The 10th Annual National Unfriend Day

This Sunday is the 10th annual National Unfriend Day. And it's a holiday we really SHOULD participate in, since you never know which of your friends are happily giving access to your info to the Russians in exchange for a quiz about what flavor of Gatorade is their spirit animal. So take advantage...
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