Fugitive Writes “I’m Not Here” On Mattress Expecting Cops To Believe It

This is probably going to be the dumbest story you read today.
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Vinyl Player

One In Four People Would Want Their Ashes Pressed Into A Vinyl Record When They Die

We’ve heard of ashes being pressed into diamonds but this may go a step more into the weird zone.
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New Cranberries Music Coming Tomorrow

Tomorrow a new song “All Over Now” will be released, one year to the day after lead singer Dolores O’Riordan was found dead in her hotel room.
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Alice Merton

New Alice Merton Video For "Funny Business”

The new music video from Alice Merton is sure to make you smile today.
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Tash Sultana

New Tash Sultana Video “Cigarettes”

A few days ago, Australian artist Tash Sultana released the new video for “Cigarettes” from her debut album Flow State.
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Front porch

Police Searching For Guy Who Licked A Family’s Doorbell For Three Hours

Well this is gross…and really, really creepy.
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Picnic party

Substitute Teacher Arrested For Smearing Poop Around Park

Police in Sarasota say that 42-year-old substitute teacher Heather Carpenter went to a park where she knew her boss (the school principal) would be hosting a child’s birthday party.
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Would-Be Kidnapper Chases A Woman Into A Karate Studio

Last week some moron in North Carolina tried to kidnap a woman, but she ran into a karate studio to hide.
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American flag

Star Spangled Banner – The Shower Edition 

This happened last month but has now made it viral and once you hear it, you’ll understand why.
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What Does Florida Google Most?

Before you Google something super, super dumb on Christmas, please remember: your state's entire reputation is on the line.
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