VIDEO: A Thief In Hovershoes Successfully Shoplifted At Walmart

A guy skating on HOVERSHOES shoplifted $551 worth of stuff from a Walmart in Florida earlier this month. The cops are trying to track him down.
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A Deaf Man Is Suing PornHub For Their Lack Of Closed Captions

A deaf man has taken a lawsuit to adult video website PornHub over the lack of closed captions on their videos.
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space x rocket

Space X Is Gonna Blow Up A Rocket On Saturday Morning... On Purpose

Space X will intentionally blow up a rocket launched from Cape Canaveral on Saturday to test the potential safety of astronauts in a catastophe
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Influencer Does Jail Time for Taking Risky Instagram Photo

A famous Instagrammer with over three million followers managed to get the perfect ‘gram – but it came at a price. The influencer ended up doing jail time for his risky photo-taking session. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a 27-year-old YouTube star and social media influencer who took to Instagram the...
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Florida Walmart Gets $80,000 Donation, Keeps Part Of It For Themselves

A Walmart in Florida got an $80,000 donation over Christmas to pay off its layaways. But when there was $20,000 left over, the managers and employees used it to buy a bunch of stuff for themselves. Walmart says it's taken, quote, "corrective action."
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A Study Confirms Your Cat Will Eat Your Dead Body... Starting With The Arms

A new study found your cat probably WILL eat you if you die. And they'll most likely eat your ARMS first.
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Florida Woman Builds Bomb At Walmart From Items On Shelves

A 37-year-old mom in Tampa is facing charges after she built a small BOMB out of stuff she pulled off the shelves at Walmart, and tried to set it off in the store. Luckily a security guard and an off-duty cop stopped her.
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Fake Sick

This Monday One Of The Most Popular Days To Fake Sick

The most popular days of the year to fake a sick day are the day after Christmas . . . the day after Easter . . . and January 2nd, right after New Year's. Mondays dominate the list, including NEXT Monday, which is Martin Luther King Day.
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No Florida On List Of U.S. Cities with the Highest STD Rates

A new study found the cities with the highest STD rates. Baltimore is number one, followed by Jackson, Mississippi and Philadelphia.
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January Is "Divorce Month" And Here's Some Red Flags To Look For

January is sometimes called "Divorce Month," because lawyers tend to see an uptick in new clients after the holidays.
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