taco bell restaurant in city downtown

Taco Bell's Luxury Hotel Is Taking Reservations Thursday

I like to consider myself a Taco Bell hipster... like I was obsessed with Taco Bell before being obsessed with Taco Bell was cool. Did I get my senior pictures taken there? No. Did I go there after prom? No. I went there, bought a ton of cheap food and ate it alone in a dark room like it was truly...
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happy office worker woman

A One-Day Work Week Is Good For Mental Health

Ahem. A new study shows that a ONE DAY WORK WEEK could be good for your mental health. Here's a #trending GIF - Hope you like it #GIFBOT omg, shocked, monkey, puppet, stunned, overwhelmed, speachless — Fun with Gifs (@Trending_Gifs) June 23, 2016 You know what else is...
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The Newest Version of Monopoly Has No Cash And Has A Voice Activated Banker

I'm pretty mad about this. I grew up on Monopoly and learned countless life skills gathered around the table with my family battling over properties. How to count and do math, how not to be a sore-loser (even though I still am a bit), how to be competitive but still respectful, how precious time...
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graduation celebration

That's DOCTOR Marijuana Pepsi To You

There's a 46-year-old woman from Pecatonica, Illinois whose real name is . . . Marijuana Pepsi. Well, Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck, if you want to include her last name too. Her mother told her she picked the name because it would, quote, "take her around the world." Marijuana's two sisters got the...
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Video: Release Date And Trailer for New Harry Potter Mobile Game

Finally! An official release date for the new Harry Potter mobile game has been revealed via an intense and amazing new trailer. Solemnly swear that you are up to no good and check it out below! Video of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Launch Trailer
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Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure Will Open Later For Next Few Weeks

It's been no secret that ever since Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opened at Universal Orlando, lines to ride the new, high-tech coaster have been reaching 10+ hours. For the next few weeks, it's going to get a little more difficult. With the launch of anything this scale, there are...
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woman eating at table

[VIDEO] Woman Eats 2 Pounds Of Nutella In 8 Minutes

A competitive eater from New Zealand named Nela Zisser posted video of herself eating 2.2 pounds of Nutella in three minutes and 56 seconds. And she did it without drinking any water. Video of GIRL EATS 1KG OF NUTELLA (NO WATER) If you want any advice, maybe don't start digging through her videos...
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man eating ribs

You Can Get Paid To Travel And Eat Ribs With Your BFF

Don't want a real job? Love eating BBQ ribs? Well have we got a deal for you... Reynolds Wrap is looking for someone to travel across the United States in search of the tastiest ribs. If the savory barbecue wasn’t enough, they’re also handing out a $10,000 check to go along with it. The person...
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VIDEO: Florida Spider Man Defies Gravity While Cleaning Roof

The only explanation for this video is that this guy is really Spiderman and sometimes Spiderman has to clean his roof. FACT. I love you Florida Man. It’s pouring with lightning and thunder in the background. • I look out of my window... and see this... • #spiderman #spidey #spidey #spideyverse #...
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Rappers Michael Diamond 'Mike D', Adam Yauch 'MCA', and Adam Horovitz 'Ad-Rock' of the Beastie Boys pose in the dressing room before taping MTV's Direct Effect April 26, 2004

Mel's Rundown - New Beastie Boys Music And Acoustic Offspring

-The Beastie Boys have released some rare tracks to celebrate the 15th anniversary of 'To the 5 Boroughs,' which contains some B-sides and rarities according to RTTNews . Fun Fact: I'm originally from one of those boroughs - Woodmere. -On Friday, Dirty Heads announced their new album ‘Super Moon’...
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