Florida Reports More Coronavirus Cases Than All of Europe Combined

As concerns grow around the resurgence of coronavirus cases in Florida, the state prepares to reopen schools next month. But their record-breaking case numbers have allowed for an interesting milestone.
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Will a Second Stimulus Check Be Approved by the End of July?

A new coronavirus relief bill is a high priority for legislators during the remaining half of July. But the aid may look different the second time around, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.
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Sex Workers Demand Brothels Reopen

Sex Workers Demand Brothels Reopen.
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Experts Say Faster COVID-19 Test Results Are Critical to Saving Lives, Restarting Economy

Faster results from COVID-19 tests could save hundreds of lives in Illinois and tens of thousands of lives nationally, said a Northwestern Medicine disease modeling expert.
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Florida Sets Record With 15,299 New Coronavirus Cases in One Day

After shattering the record for most coronavirus cases in a single day last week, Florida has now beaten out their previous record. See the details.
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Dad Builds Mini Disneyland Using 60,000 Legos

Are you bored during quarantine? Well, you should think about building something out of 60,000 Legos. A father built a mini Disneyland in his spare time.
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Live Concert Streams to Watch During Coronavirus Crisis (Updating)

As concerts continue to be cancelled over coronavirus concerns, some artists are offering live concert streams to keep you connected at home. Here’s our updating list of what to watch.
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Drinking During Covid

On Avg. We've Spent 172 Hours Of The Pandemic Drunk

The average American spent 172 hours of the lockdown drunk, according to a new poll. That's seven full days, plus four hours.
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Roller Coaster Inverted Loop

Japanese Theme Park Recommends "Keep Your Screams Inside"

As people head back to theme parks with COVID-19 is still a threat, Japanese theme parks are suggesting that thrill-seekers "keep their screams inside".
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Chuck E. Cheese Reveals the Locations of Restaurants Closing Permanently

Chuck E. Cheese has revealed the locations of the restaurants that will close permanently.The company filed for bankruptcy last month. Read on.
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