Matt Malone

Mon-Fri: 6AM - 10AM

My name is Matt Malone. I was born under powerlines and raised on wholesome, Midwest corn. At the age of 22, my parents (with the help of a mail-in DNA test service) would reveal that I wasn’t Irish in any way, shape or form – making my name and entire life a lie.

As a young child, I was energetic and outspoken, with a rabid thirst for attention. The problem was that I didn’t look good in a cowgirl outfit on the pageant circuit, and when brought to a chain restaurant for my 6th birthday party, I cried while they sang because the pressure was too much to handle.

In my tween years, my older brother introduced me to ‘Alternative Music’ and that’s when my life changed forever. As a pioneering, early-edition millennial, I knew it was my destiny to completely ignore viable life and career options in favor of collecting massive amounts of crippling college debt, move across the country multiple times, and chase the dream to sit in a room alone, talking to people who can’t see me, and playing them the music that we both love. It’s a special kind of personal connection and attention that doesn’t make me cry like I was 6 years old again.

Now, in my adult life, the only person I have to answer to is myself and a small, 8 pound, black rescue cat that might love me or might just use me to get her special prescription food and fancy litter.

The flat landscape of Orlando gives me hope that I might start riding my bike again in a desperate attempt to get rid of my out-of-fashion “Dad Bod” and somehow become desirable to the thousands of girls who currently swipe ‘No’ when facing my dating app profile.

Until then, I will use my hard-earned position in radio to abuse concert tickets and find the finest dive bars Orlando has to offer. If all goes well, I’ll put myself together in the morning and maybe eat a salad. That’s called personal growth.

I look forward to spending every weekday morning with you, and together we can try to answer the question, “What is waking up at 4am and why does a concept so cruel even exist?”