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How the heck do you write a bio about yourself?  Let's just do this instead.

Name: Mel

Favorite Color: Depends on my mood. Right now it's bright blue


# of Siblings: 5

# of Pets: Undisclosed but I'm bordering on crazy cat lady.

Marital Status: Married (it cancels out some of the cats)

3 Favorite Things to Do:  anything on the water, anything to do with music, explore craft distilleries/breweries/wineries

Best Band Memory: getting to sing my favorite song with The Ataris on stage at a crammed, sweaty dive bar

Something You Shouldn't Do But Do Anyway: Explore abandoned buildings.

Forest or Beach: Beach

Hobbies: crafting, paddleboarding, having an adult beverage while doing either

Born: Long Island, NY

Sign: Sagittarius 

First Concert: Hanson...I know it's terrible but I was 12 and was obsessed

Favorite Food: Fondue (aka FUNdue)

Favorite Drink: anything with gin. Or vodka. Or bourbon

T.V. shows: Narcos, Forensic Files, Married with Children

Bands: No Doubt, Nirvana, Weezer, Foster the People

Favorite Quote: Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.