staff picks presented by downtown food and wine

Staff Picks: Songs Of The Week Picked By Us

Presented by Downtown Food & Wine Fest 2020!


Staff Picks lets Matt Malone, Mel and James Steele introduce you to a brand new song we each love, every week. Some of us have better taste than the others, not that we're shaming anybody... If you hear a staff pick that you love, let us know and maybe we'll play it more!

Presented by Downtown Food & Wine Fest 2020 - February 22 + 23 in Downtown Orlando featuring:
Neon Trees and MAGIC!

Staff Picks - Week Of January 12, 2020

Matt Malone

Tame Impala "Lost In Yesterday"


Goody Grace "Scumbag ft. Blink 182"

James Steele

Houses "Bad Checks"

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