Searches For Coronavirus Porn Are Skyrocketing

On the cusp of a potential world wide epidemic of the Coronavirus, the masses are turning to... pornography.
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pornhub logo

A Deaf Man Is Suing PornHub For Their Lack Of Closed Captions

A deaf man has taken a lawsuit to adult video website PornHub over the lack of closed captions on their videos.
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family at thanksgiving dinner

Adult Website Will Pay You $250 To Stream Thanksgiving Dinner

A porn site will pay up to $250 to cover the cost of your entire Thanksgiving dinner, if you're willing to livestream the whole thing for their users. There's no nudity required, but everyone at dinner has to be over 18.
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Adult Diaper

Man Pretends To Be Disabled So Home Care Workers Will Change His Diaper

A man from New Orleans was recently arrested for tricking a bunch of home health care workers by telling them he was disabled in order to get free adult diaper changes. Yes, the man wanted his diaper changed. Rutledge Deas, a 29 year old, made a bunch of social media post looking for home health...
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joker movie

Searches For "Joker" Themed Videos Skyrocket On Pornhub After Movie Premiere

Searched for "Joker"-themed pornography soar on Pornhub after movie premiere.
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basketball going through hoop

A Porn Company Has Bid $10 Million For Miami Heat Arena Naming Rights

Thanks to the internet, there still IS a lot of money in porn, even if everyone gets it for free these days. (Kids, stop reading now please.) There's a porn company out of Miami called BangBros. You can pretend you don't know them, but they have 43 different sites, that I'm not about to name. They...
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woman excited

Are You Better Than Everyone Else At 'Adulting'?

They taught you a lot of things in school. y=mx+b. The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. And So son. But they sure as hell didn't teach you how to do any real life things like taxes, health insurance forms, changing the battery in a smoke alarm. A recent BuzzFeed poll looked at how good...
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little girl crying

[VIDEO] Adult Video 'Accidentally' Plays At County Fair Fun House

Take your kids to the County Fair, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Your small child definitely won't be scarred for life, they said. Imagine that you're just kickin' it at the Fun House with your kindergarten crew and then BAM! Pornography ... An "Adult Video" was "Accidentally" shown on the TV...
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One In Three Adults Sleep With Their Childhood Teddy Bear or Blanket

So, apparently 1 out of every 3 adults sleep with some sort of comfort object. We're talkin everything from bears to blankets. I had a comfort hand rag for about 3 weeks when I was little. I hurt my hand and didn't ever want to let go until my Mom told me to grow up and give her the stupid dirty...
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