Lots of guns

AIRBNB Turned Rap Video Shoot With Hundreds Of People Ends In Arrests And 20 Guns Seized

Police arrest individuals in Chicago for using AIRBNB to record rap video.
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Applebee's Sign

Man Arrested For Watching Porn and Touching Self at Applebee's

A man from Georgia was caught touching himself and watching porno at a Applebee's. Really? So, Timothy Dugan was allegedly arrested because he was sitting in the restaurant watching porn on is smartphone and touching himself. This was all in plain sight easily seen by employees and customers, and...
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Cyber Stalking Keyboard

Internet Stalker Arrested For Sending Prostitutes Pizza And Tow Trucks To Victims' Homes

A Utah man and his daughter were targets of a cyberstalker. As of now the family and authorities cannot find the reason why, but they were the sole targets of the internet predator. That predator is named Loren Okamura. He is now accused of sending the family hundreds of services that they never...
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Man With Tattoos Arrested

Man With His Own Name Tattooed On Neck Arrested For Giving A Wrong Name

This one is out of Illinois. Matthew Bushman was arrested recently after give police officers a fake name. How'd they catch him? Well, you read the title...his name was on his neck. Giving Police officers a fake name with rack up a charge of obstructing justice, and landed Bushman in the Coles...
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Woman Gets in High-Speed Police Chase in Stolen Tesla...Arrested When Battery Dies Dies

Kathy is a 60 year old woman from Arizona. Sunday Kathy decided to steal a TESLA from a Subway parking lot. Cops we're called, and soon Kathy was in a high speed chase running...or driving from the police. Kathy was charged with theft, fleeing, criminal damage, aggravated driving under the...
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Another Ice Cream Licker Arrested (With Video)

This time it’s an old guy…well not that old. He’s only one year older than me, but way too old to be all licky in the grocery store. So, our copycat offender is 36 year old Lenise Martine from Louisiana. He was just arrested after a video of him taking ice cream out of the grocer’s freezer, taking...
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Hilarious Guy In Daisy Dukes Trolls Live PD

I am obsessed with Live PD , and went on a binge watching spree of this this show for a few days. Now I have to wait for new episodes to get my dose of law enforcement. For the most part I agree with every arrest I have seen on Live PD, except for this one. As both owner and wearer of male short...
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Fugitive Writes “I’m Not Here” On Mattress Expecting Cops To Believe It

This is probably going to be the dumbest story you read today.
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Front porch

Police Searching For Guy Who Licked A Family’s Doorbell For Three Hours

Well this is gross…and really, really creepy.
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Would-Be Kidnapper Chases A Woman Into A Karate Studio

Last week some moron in North Carolina tried to kidnap a woman, but she ran into a karate studio to hide.
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