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Patrick Carney (From The Black Keys) Really, Really Hates the Grammys

Typically you can find me making fun of everything - including myself - which means I love a good burn. Especially when it puts down something I have absolutely NO interest in. Patrick Carney from the Black Keys went off on the Grammys in a recent interview, according to NME . (Even though the band...
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[WATCH] The Black Keys Offer Hilarious MasterCourse

You may have seen the 'Master Class' videos on YouTube where experts in their field like Gordon Ramsay will teach you how to do something that you'll almost certainly never follow up on and it'll be a waste of money, but hey, at least you tried something new... Now Dan and Patrick - The Black Keys...
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[WATCH] Black Keys Don't Want You To Be A Narc

The Black Keys' new album "Let's Rock" is gonna be out on June 28th. You can see them at Amway Center on November 6th . But only if you're not a narc. In a new PSA released by the band, they want to make sure you're cool enough for the new album...
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