music festival crowd

[VIDEO] Woman Sprays Breast Milk At California Music Festival

A somewhat/probably NSFW video shows a woman at a California Music Festival spraying her breast milk onto other ravers.
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John Cena Donates $500,000 to Responders Battling California Wildfires

As wildfires continue to burn across the state of California, many are left with devastation. First responders are left with working long hours trying to contain the multiple fires. The wrestler-turned-actor John Cena will play a firefighter in his new movie "Playing With Fire" and wants to assist...
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generic halloween candy

"Affluent" Woman Goes On Rant About Neighbors' Cheap Halloween Candy

To some people, even Halloween candy is a status symbol. A woman in Rancho Cucamonga, California recently posted a rant on a neighborhood Facebook page with a message for her neighbors this Halloween. Quote, "Over the last three Halloweens . . . cheap candy has somehow infiltrated our community and...
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corn maze

Cops Spent Two Hours Hunting for a Suspect Who Ran Into a Corn Maze

Cops in Petaluma, California were looking for a 29-year-old guy named Ryan Watt on Friday night after he violated his ex-girlfriend's restraining order. And when he saw the cops coming, he took off running... right toward a giant corn maze . The corn maze is set up for the season at a pumpkin patch...
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California City Bans Gendered Word 'Manhole' Changed To 'Maintenance Hole'

The city of Berkley California will ban gender specific words in its city code and replace them with gender neutral options. What does this all mean??? NO MORE MANHOLES!!!! My holes are offended. The code passed unanimously on Tuesday and replaces more than 20 gender specific references/job titles...
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disneyland resort sign

Family in Disneyland Fight Video Say It Never Happened

We all saw it, right? The video was everywhere. A violent fight in Toontown at Disneyland. Of all places... TOONTOWN at DISNEYLAND. Video of Viral Video Shows Fight at Disneyland According to Police investigating the fight, everybody involved is basically saying, "Nah, that never happened." We...
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little girl crying

[VIDEO] Adult Video 'Accidentally' Plays At County Fair Fun House

Take your kids to the County Fair, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Your small child definitely won't be scarred for life, they said. Imagine that you're just kickin' it at the Fun House with your kindergarten crew and then BAM! Pornography ... An "Adult Video" was "Accidentally" shown on the TV...
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taco bell restaurant in city downtown

Taco Bell's Luxury Hotel Is Taking Reservations Thursday

I like to consider myself a Taco Bell hipster... like I was obsessed with Taco Bell before being obsessed with Taco Bell was cool. Did I get my senior pictures taken there? No. Did I go there after prom? No. I went there, bought a ton of cheap food and ate it alone in a dark room like it was truly...
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Introducing The Florida Doorbell Licker

You may remember that recently a California man spent almost three hours licking a Ring doorbell. Of course, since it was a Ring with video capability, the video went viral and he was caught. Video of Raw: California man caught licking doorbell Well now doorbell licking has come to Florida where a...
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Front porch

Police Searching For Guy Who Licked A Family’s Doorbell For Three Hours

Well this is gross…and really, really creepy.
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