Cat Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Being Infected by Owner

A pet cat in Hong Kong has tested positive for coronavirus after their owner became infected. The cat’s owner, a 25-year-woman, is reportedly in serious condition.
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The Internet Is Demanding The "B-Hole" Edit Of "CATS"

A Twitter user claims that a friend of a friend was brought in at the last hours of CATS to remove all the CGI buttholes.
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Animal Shelter Seeking Home for 'World's Worst Cat'

An animal shelter in North Carolina is trying to find a home for the “world’s worst cat.” The shelter, which is just north of Asheville, North Carolina, is waiving adoption fees on the cat, Perdita, in hopes that someone will take the feline off of their hands as soon as possible. The Michell...
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A Study Confirms Your Cat Will Eat Your Dead Body... Starting With The Arms

A new study found your cat probably WILL eat you if you die. And they'll most likely eat your ARMS first.
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These Are The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2019 just released the results of its study into the most popular pet names for 2019. The top dog names were Bella and Max, and the top cat names were Luna and Oliver.
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Oh No! Lil Bub Has Died :(

Lil Bub has died
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It's National Cat Day! The Average Cat Owner Spends 1,016 Hours a Year on Them

A new survey for National Cat Day found the average cat owner spends 19 hours and 32 minutes a week on them.
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Justin Bieber Is A Moron - I Can't Believe What He Just Spent $35K On

There are a lot of names that I could call Justin Bieber (and I want to call him all of them) but let me explain first. Justin and Haley Bieber have just taken two adorable cats into their family. My fam A post shared by Justin (@kittysushiandtuna) on Oct 3, 2019 at 6:25pm PDT But before you say "...
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Every Cat At 2AM - I Bet Your Cat Does ALL Of These

I actually peed a little bit when I watched this. Well I didn't, but it was close. Video of EVERY CAT AT 2AM (Gus Johnson Recreation)
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Crazy Cat Lady

A New Study Shows I'm Not As Crazy As You Think #Meow

Wow, a study has proven there's no scientific evidence backing up the "crazy cat lady" stereotype. Good news: I'm not nuts because I have lots of cats. Bad news: I'm still a little bit nuts and I have lots of cats. Researchers at UCLA found that people who own cats (one or a whole bunch) didn't...
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