Doctor Wants To Put Cancer Warning On CHEESE! Spoiler - We'll All Still Eat It

I absolutely love cheese so there's a good chance that even with a warning - I'm still going to eat it all the time. Apparently there's a petition to put a cancer warning label on cheese products because of the estrogen from cow milk that several studies have shown increases the risk of breast...
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A Woman Is Rejected on Tinder Because a Guy "Isn't Ready" for Charcuterie

think it's safe to say this is the first time a potential romance fizzled over a commitment... to charcuterie. A woman named Danielle Betsy in Canada recently shared a screenshot of a guy rejecting her on Tinder. Why? She had something in her bio about how she likes charcuterie, and they had this...
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grilled cheese

Artist Creates Incredibly Rude Grilled Cheese Truck

Are you a little fed up with the Food Truck hype? Specifically, are you sick of the kind of people that buy into the Food Truck hype? Artist Daniel Danger, @tinymediaempire on twitter, has a plan I can 100% get behind - a Grilled Cheese Truck that some short-sighted people are calling 'rude' or '...
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Study shows cheese exposed to hip-hop creates a funky flavor

Science Proves Cheese Exposed to Hip-Hop Has the Funkiest Flavor

A new study proves that cheese exposed to hip-hop actually creates a very funky flavor.
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