Starbucks Prepares to Release 4,000 AI-Powered Coffee Machines

Are you ready for artificial intelligence to take over Starbucks? The coffee-serving empire is expected to unleash thousands of AI-enabled coffee machines this year. Starbucks COO Rosalind Brewer told analysts that 4,000 Mastrena II coffee machines will arrive at the coffee chain's locations in...
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rat eating on plates

Ladies And Gentlemen... Meet New York City Coffee Rat

Coffee Rat. Coffee Rat. Does whatever a... I dunno, man.
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'Tis the Season to Win Starbucks for Life — Here's How

Are you tired of spending your whole paycheck at Starbucks? Do you wish you could have an unlimited supply of Starbucks for life? Well, the coffee giant is making wishes come true this holiday season with their annual Starbucks for Life holiday contest. A total of five grand prize winners will win...
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Starbucks Adds New Holiday Drink to Its Menu

Just when you thought you tried every holiday drink at Starbucks, they go ahead and add another one. The coffee chain has unveiled their latest festive offering, the Irish Cream Cold Brew, reported USA Today . Introducing the limited-release Irish Cream Cold Brew—a new take on a holiday classic. #...
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National Cappuccino Day: Online Deals From Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and More

Nothing to get your Friday started like a fresh frothy cup of caffeine. This was a big week for coffee fanatics, with Starbucks kicking off winter on Thursday with the launch of their festive holiday cups, as well as a one-day giveaway of their reusable holiday cup . Well, whether you missed the...
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New Starbucks' Holiday Cups Are Here... Anybody Offended This Time?

The new Starbucks holiday cups are here... so will anyone get offended that they're not "Christmas-y" enough?
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The Average Coffee Drinker Puts Down 3.4 Cups a Day

You know how everyone says you should drink 8 glasses of water a day? Well I do that - but nobody wants bland water so I run mine through some coffee grinds first. It's delicious (and just coffee, in case you missed that). According to a new survey, the average coffee drinker puts down an average...
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coffee cup and beans

Sunday Is National Coffee Day! Here's Some Numbers And Deals

This Sunday is National Coffee Day. And even though every town in America has multiple Starbucks, a new survey found most of us still make it at home. (And there are literally 3 7eleven's on a one mile stretch of Colonial) 89% of Americans make at least one cup of coffee at home in an average week...
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Woman Dreaming of Money

Coffee Company Wants to Give You $30,000 So You Can Quit Your Job and Follow Your Passion

The coffee companies name is StoK Cold Brew. Their holding a contest where they will give three people $30,000 to quit their job and follow their dream for only a month. Yes please! If this sounds like something you're into, they're asking you to submit in 300 words or less what you would do with...
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plate of nachos

Food News! Doorknob Nachos, Pizza Crusts Only And More

I dunno, man. For some reason there were like 5 food-related news stories today, and I am MUCH too lazy to care/blog about each one. So let's jam these together into a fun segment called 'FOOD NEWS' that I will almost certainly never use again. Unless, of course, we get another 5-food-news-day, and...
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