Chicken Alfredo

Man Tries To Seduce Undercover Cop With Chicken Alfredo

What he thought was a 15 year old boy was actually a undercover cop.
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​A Cop Pulls a Driver From His Car One Second Before a Train Hits

If you want to call this Utah state trooper a hero, I won't disagree. He pulled an unconscious driver from a car that was stopped on railroad tracks AS the train was approaching. He gets him out one second before the engine plows into the car. The driver had a medical issue, which is why the car...
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Litter Car Window

Driver Throws a Dirty Diaper Out the Window and Hits Cop Car

This guy was driving in Johnson County Indiana on Sunday, and decided he didn't want to keep his babies smelly diaper in the car. The dude throws his babies dirty diaper out the driver side window and then... SMACK! Doo-doo all over a cop car. Yep, he wasn't aiming, but the dirty diaper made a...
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Florida Man Drops “That’s What She Said” While Being Arrested

Even though “The Office” is gone, the line “That’s what she said” will probably live on forever.
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Batman In A Batmobile Gets Pulled Over, Gets Out Of Ticket

Some guy posted cell phone video from his car of Batman . . . in a Batmobile . . . getting pulled over by a cop. The officer gets out and has a few words with Batman . . . and then seems to let him go with just a warning. Video of Batman Gets Pulled Over || ViralHog
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