Teen Driving Alone

Parents Let 11 Year Old Kid Drive Car Because They're Sick Of Him Playing GTA

Parents of a 11 year old allowed their kid to drive because they were fed up with him playing Grand Theft Auto.
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Dr. Pepper 2 Liters

Man Puts Gun To His Son’s Head For Drinking Last Dr. Pepper

This idiot is from West. Monroe Louisiana. A man was taken into custody because according to police he put a gun to his son's head because he drank the last Dr. Pepper. The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office stated that the son, 9 years old, and his mother told them that his dad, Chad Kinnaird, was...
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taco bell restaurant in city downtown

Burglar Makes Food And Takes A Nap During Taco Bell Robbery

A burglar in Georgia was caught on camera robbing a Taco Bell, but stopping to make some food and take a nap, too.
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Feet In Bed

Florida Man Says Burglar Broke Into Home And Sucked His Toes

This one is out of Bradenton Florida. The authorities are on the hunt for a individual who allegedly broke into someone's house and sucked on a man's toes while he was sleeping. According to WTSP, this actually happened on Christmas Eve (maybe it was Santa). The victim said he woke up to find some...
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Goat on Car

Man And A Goat Taken On Frightening Three State Drive

This one comes out of Oklahoma...a man got arrested on New Years after he "allegedly" stole a truck and drove it over 100 miles with a sleeping human being...and a goat inside. What?! Brandon Kirby, who is 40, allegedly stole the truck which was parked outside of a porn store, went on a almost 200...
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baltimore ravens helmet on field

A Dead Body Was Found In A Baltimore Ravens Porta-Potty

For the second time this year, a dead body was found in a port-a-potty at the stadium where the Baltimore Ravens play.
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Man Attacks His Family For Not Supporting Him On America's Got Talent

This one is out of West Virginia. A man is accused of attacking his own family members because they wouldn't support him entering "America's Got Talent." A very angry Gregory Rarey stormed out of his house, but then decided to come back and scream loudly at his family members after they told him...
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Man Who Allegedly Used Cat As Weapon Against Police Faces 5 Years Jailtime

Gennadu Shcherbakov of Moscow Russia was allegedly drinking in the stairwell of a condo building being extremely noisy. Residents called police who arrived shortly there-after. When police arrived he refused to answer any questions, decided to grab a cat sitting near him, and threw it at one of the...
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Man in handcuffs

Man Wears 'It's Not A Crime Unless You Get Caught'...Gets Caught

George Washington once said "Isn't it ironic...don't you think"... Judging by this crime, Florida man must have moved to Missouri. A man recently walked into a Twin City laundromat with a t-shirt on that had the phrase "It's not a crime unless you get caught." Soon after this smart guy walked in,...
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spooky girl

A Couple's Adopted 9 Year Old Daughter Was Actually Sociopath Adult Little Person?

There's a 45-year-old woman named Kristine Barnett in Lafayette, Indiana (Home of the Purdue Boilermakers and a burger place that puts peanut butter on a burger, so use that information for whatever) . And back in May of 2010 , she and her 43-year-old husband Michael Barnett agreed to an emergency...
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