Dance Club

Police Officer Who Danced Naked At Night Club Suspended

A police officer near Little Rock was just suspended after being recorded while dancing naked in a night club. Officer Cebron Hackett is suspended without pay and will have to finish remedial training. He was off duty while doing the naked dance, and looked to be very drunk when he took off all his...
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dog wearing headphones

[VIDEO] Dog In A Box Rocks Out To House Of Pain

A video has gone viral of this tiny dog in a box losing it's mind to House Of Pain "Jump Around"
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Orlando Man Who Killed Busch Gardens Dancing Flamingo Hit By Truck

Well the Karma Train...or Truck...came around and hit Joseph Carrao a couple weeks ago. This is the same dude who went crazy at Busch Gardens and hurt Pinky the Dancing Flamingo so much that they had to Euthanize her. Apparently grabbed Pinky and slammed her to the ground WTF?!! So how did he die?...
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4 Minutes of Christopher Walken Dancing

What are you waiting for? Click play! Video of Christopher Walken Dance Now [Official Version]
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Dancing Robot That Can Even Do The "Running Man"

Boston Dynamics are at it again!
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Science Cracks the Code: This is What a Good Dancer Looks Like

Find out what a good dancer looks like … and also what a bad dancer looks like. Because science.
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