Man Will Pay Someone $25,000 to Find Him a Girlfriend

Ahead of the romantic holiday, one man in Kansas is setting out to find his soulmate, and he’s offering anyone who will set him up with the love of his life a prize of $25,000. Find out how you can play matchmaker now.
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Fake Amazon Dating App That Sells People Is Apparently Going Viral

Satirical Amazon dating app has caught the internets attention.
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Billionaire's Search for a Moon Trip Girlfriend Gets 27,722 Applicants

Some people might break the ice with a first date dinner. But what about traveling to the moon? That's what Yusaku Maezawa is looking to do with one lucky lady. The Japanese billionaire and entrepreneur, who recently made waves when he vowed to give 1,000 Twitter users $9 million , is offering a...
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A Japanese Billionaire Is Looking For A Girlfriend To Take To The Moon

A 44-year-old billionaire in Japan is looking for a girlfriend. Their first date will be a trip to the moon.
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"White-Clawing", "Yellow Carding" And Other 2020 Dating Trends

Here are some of the dating trends you need to look out for next year. "Eclipsing" is where you pretend to like the interests of the person you're dating...
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New Online Pickup Line Idea: Pretending You Messaged Someone Accidentally With News About Your Grandfather's Death

Stories like this make me really happy to be outta the dating game. There's a new way to start a conversation with someone online and MAYBE (probably not) pick them up. There's a 23-year-old woman named Rachel Brogan. And she got a message on Facebook a few days ago from a stranger that said, quote...
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Emma Watson On Being Single, Says She's "Self-Partnered"

Emma Watson is almost 30, and she says, quote, "It took me a long time, but I'm very happy [being single]. I call it being self-partnered."
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Online Dating Activity Peaks When It Gets Cold Outside

There's something about being alone in bed and freezing that makes someone wish they had a warm body to cuddle with. And then, eventually, push away because everyone wants their own space to sleep. According to a study by the website, online dating activity peaks when it gets cold...
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The Average American Will Spend Over $120k On Dates

You might want to become celibate and swear off dating FOREVER when you hear this stat... Not that I have anybody knocking down my door, anyway. A new study found the average American will spend a total of $121,082 going on DATES over the course of their lifetime. And it doesn't end when you settle...
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New Trend: People Are Sexting... With Google Docs

Sexting DOES require collaboration, so I guess it makes sense that now people are using one of the most popular collaboration tools in the world to do it? (And that's a BIG "?") Apparently, the new trend is for people to send each other filthy messages and pictures through a shared GOOGLE DOC...
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